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Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmaozon products, pharmacy and medicine stores can be reached with the channel. Contact us for orders or the Pharmacy and also can order Whole Salers.

These products can be used around the eye are specified.

All of the hands, face, body and hair you can use.

Should be stored at room temperature, heat exchange from physical appearance does not constitute a change of yield difference, therefore you can use it safely.

Ozone is in the form of serum gel, using ozone oil according to the effect is much more efficient. Contains highly concentrated ozone. Contains Shea butter , Borage oil , and strengthened impact with lemon oil.Using ozone gel, more effective than ozone oil.

Shea butter is a natural sunscreen contains UVB filter 15 percent. But UVA protection factor because there is no available in our product. Please buy a sun protection from the drugstores is recommended from the pharmacist.

Pharamozon serum moistures the skin, yo don’t need to use.

Pharmaozon anti-aging cream is for adults, but pregnant women and nursing mothers is not recommended for use.