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Yukarı Çık


Since 2003 Amac-Net produce Ozone products and Dermo-cosmetic products and sale has been operating in the area. Our marketing and distribution network to offer our products to consumers by creating, in the name of the medicine warehouses, Pharmacies, aesthetic and plastic surgery centers, in cooperation with the consumer sector of our Beauty Saloons pouches need. Our Company; Ozone pireparat is leading the way in the field of health sector the inclusion.Our consultant pharmacists and pharmacy faculty with the support of our production and efforts are conducting himself who invents a modern innovations in foot. We have done studies overseas health and cosmetic industry is seeing the appreciation and value, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Ireland and Turkic Republics provides the floor value to the national economy by exporting.Domestic, foreign sectoral trade fair and Congress taking place in the Organization, our products ar meant to convey to a wider audience.


Vizyomuz in our country and around the world, in a country of the first dermo-cosmetic pireparat and ozone field, enter the preferred products and the energy of a Turkish brand in the sector as an international community dedicated to quality ' trust establishment order.


Our mission by meeting the expectations of consumer-focused approach, using modern and advanced technology to produce high quality products and to offer to the market. Reliability, wide range of products, quality of service and competitive position of preferred, Turkey's and World's leading globally and develop products. Within the framework of Service Quality and satisfaction to our basic values, to provide all kinds of requests and complaints resolution, as trust, respect, faith, perseverance, Pharmaozon and honesty to our consumers, customers and advance within appropriate health conditions to produce and deliver products.