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Yukarı Çık

Ozonıcal Ozonated Olıve Oıl 100 Ml


Ozonated Olive Oil, Fragnance

Features: Rapidly penetrates into skin and moisturizes the applied surface.

Benefits of Ozone Oil: It helps to regenerate cells, skin deferration and wrinkles, delay signs of aging, skin spots, pimples, burn marks, cellulite and stretch marks, dry skin after laser epilation, fat breakdown and regional thinning, and accelerate methobolism.

Directions: Apply to face and body with a gentle massage. For External Use only.

  • Contains pure oxygen molecules;
  • Moisturizing and repairing;
  • Nourishing and renewing skin cells;
  • Can be used for skin massage;
  • For hands, face and body;
  • For all skin types