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Pharmaozon Roll On


So-called active oxygen, ozone, oxygen atoms of the most effective antibacterial agent.Three normal atmospheric oxygen atoms is a natural gas.Two atoms ozone is carrying a very high energy at room temperature, colorless, with a characteristic smell, such as a protective shield around the surrounding gas.All over the world OZONE LAYER living things, the effect of the sun's radiation and protects against ultraviolet rays. Outer space, the UV rays from the sun, especially after the lightning and the lightning storms Tugu constitutes the upper atmosphere ozone layer reacts with oxygen gas and created.In High places, feel the sea fragrance.In Greek Language "smell" the chemist Christian meaning comes from ozein.From the space Friedrich Schönbein in 1840 by absorbing the harmful rays from the sun, and in particular, in the face of obstacles to land, the atmosphere ozone layer of the stratosphere is called God BREATHING.

Pharmaozon; pure oxygen ozone molecules in serum containing (gel), skin care, natural olive oil in a devrimdir.A long process, with advanced technology using ozone was obtained.With saturated redox process results, and the oil is absorbed into the gel form.Ozone concentration that the installation of the ozone density, ozone is 6-10 times higher than in oils, cosmetics and oil value of the property next to a medical.Ozone serume acid and other components of the oil inside the chain link is applied Remove its cells penetrate the bond area nutrition and regenerative properties in need of renewal, the effect of ozone disinfectant, the source of life which to breathe pure oxygen to help cells with no known side-effect encountered much since according to a formula.In research 100% of any synthetic natural.


  • Pure oxygen molecules, contains omega 3/6/9;
  • Antiaging, anti-wrinkle, densifying, lifting and eliminating skin sagging;
  • For stains related to aging and sun;
  • Recommended after laser epilation , tatoo erasing, chemical peeling, improving skin tone, sun burns;
  • For the dark stains of the armpits and genital area,
  • Moisturizing, repairing, nourishing, reviving and making the skin shiny;
  • For hands, face and body;
  • For all skin types.
  • Oliveoil (pureorganicoliveoil)
  • Shea _Lipexbutyrospermumparkii (sheabutter), IAC certified
  • BorageOfficinalisSeedOil (BorageOil)
  • Oil-CitrusMedica of lemons
  • Fragnance
  • EasyTouse


Beauty care" "wrinkless" "antiaging" "injury" , damages and injuries, hair problems, humidifying, body perspiration, callus,baby rash.